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:: mdm kua! ur e reason y i graduate! ::

January 30, 2008 Leave a comment

ok… haha as requested,, i am gonna take this time to write a whole post all abt my dear mdm kua =) in general, i love mdm kua bcz i find tat she is a very nice teacher n obviously,, she is a very nice person! n i can guarantee tat! tat is e 1st reason y i love mdm kua! n i’m gonna start explaining y i love her from scratch…

(1st day when i juz got to noe her in sec 3 = pure geography lesson.)

in my heart i said this to myself “wow! this teacher so fierce sia! she reali will get irritated when students use HP outside e phone zone. n she will get even more irritated if we use it in e class.” my 1st thot was,, “she will be reali very hard to get along wif. oh god help me!” =X

-noe y i scared of her at 1st? cz i am full of crap n i scared she cnnt take my crappiness. i scared she will scream my head off if i talk rubbish. well,, u noe i love to talk crap =) –

(as months pass by)

actually mdm kua nt bad leh. she is very nice! even though she looks fierce. n i am lucky to be her student! she helps me alot in my studies.. she encourages me alot too. tat time when i was going thru stress or whatever ppl call tat period of time where there is a sudden change of character.. =X SHE was e one who noticed e change in me! mdm kua i am so touched! =”) mdm kua took e time to talk to me. n shortly after thinking abt wat she said,, i became myself bk once again.. (: this is e 2nd reason y i love mdm kua!

(late sec3 – early sec4)

ok at this period of time i reali thot of dropping geog bcz i cnt cope. n once again my beloved teacher came to my rescue! she talk to me.. mdm kua didnt force me to contd taking pure geog as one of my O level subj. she talked to some of us as a grp. n i still rmb wat she said to me which makes me change my mind abt dropping pure geog.. n surprisingly,, after failing pure geog for e whole of sec3 n 4,, i finally gt a B3 for my O level! oh man i am so proud of myself! honestly i did study hard for it! =) see! always listen to mdm kua,, cz she noes best =)

(one day in pure geog lesson- sec4)

i was caught by mdm kua 4 using Hp during lesson! well honestly i didnt! i didnt use it during lesson! i juz took it outta my pocket n put in under e table. cz my HP was vibrating. n it was irritating. so i put it under my table. den i so suay mdm kua saw n she thot i use my HP. wah piangg i so scared seh! she confiscate my phone. i dunno hw to convince mdm kua tat i didnt use my HP during her lesson. so after lesson,, shockly,, mdm kua return me my HP! i was so happy leh! =) this is e 3rd reason y i love mdm kua! she do trust me. mayb nt alot. but a little bit will do =)

now u guys noe y i love mdm kua?? i love mdm kua cz she is a very nice person! she is very compassionate, intelligent, caring n she has a warm heart! reali i mean it! now i graduate ler.. im gonna miss her alot alot! cz she is one of e best teacher tat i ever had! i love You mdm kua! =) misses. (:


:: You aRe not miNe ::

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Your body’s warm but you are not
You give a little not a lot
It could be love until we kiss
You’re all I want but not like this
I’m watching you disappear but you,
you were never here

It’s only your shadow,
never yourself
It’s only your shadow,
nobody else
It’s only your shadow filling the room
Arriving too late
And leaving too soon

Your body gives but then pulls back
The sun is bright, the sky is black
Can only be another sign
I cannot keep what isn’t mine
You left your love linger on,
but you, you were almost gone

How can I tell if you mean what you say?
You say it so loud that you sound far away
Maybe I have just a glimpse of your soul
Or what that your shadow I saw on the wall?
I’m watching you disappear but you, you were never here
I cannot keep what isn’t mine.

:: my resuLts (: ::

January 25, 2008 Leave a comment

wooHoo!! my results!! ytd! was like i so totally dnt believe leh! oMg! tats y today den update =X cz ytd too happy liao so busy talking den family members all calling till nightime. so i was on e phone most of e time. pri skool teachers like ms tan n long lost teachers like ms thila all started calling at night. oh ya nt to forget ytd kak yani came bk from her honeymoon!! haha! loLz.. i got 11 points n i am so shocked leh. i cried lah! (so emo!) haha. but wad to do. luckily ain was there to like console me. den after tat i very happy lor! wow! plus i dnt believe my EL is a B3 n my comb humanities A1!! i was so shocked siahh!! i forgot to go to ms fern n show her tiz 2 grades cz she scold me in front of e class b4 tat i will FAIL my EL n LIT.. but i make it wif an A man! im so proud of myself! i proved her wrong! bt dnt blame her lah cz i kp nvr do her hmwrk =X my science oso A my malay is an A! wooHoo!! maths,, juz dnt ask ok?? i happy lah cz at least itz better den F9.. haha!! overall i am damn happy! cz i can go JC or take a course in poLy.. MASS COMMUNICATION!! wooHoo!! ms thila called last night saying tat i can consider taking up tat course cz my EL nt bad.. see how lor.. nxt step is to choose n decide if i shld go to a poly or JC. headache liao leh 😦 help gif suggestions lah =X

January 24, 2008 Leave a comment

a few more hours results leh.
i’m very nervous.
i’m very scared.
my maths!
fail leh cnt go anywhere.
hope can make it thru tiz time round.
ya allah! help me! =(

January 23, 2008 Leave a comment
**juz finished ironing my uniform..
gonna wear it again tmr…
after so long..
yeah! =P

:: tired~ ::

January 20, 2008 Leave a comment

i have alot of things running in my head…n it does hurt alot….i dunno wad to do…so will somebody tell me how to get these load off my head?? i dunno wad to do…neither do i noe wad to say…i’m juz so tired…so many things happening…so many problem popping up…wifout solutions! itz so tiring! i juz wanna go 4 a ride at e theme park!! n scream my lungs out!! my head hurts so much!! y muz life be so cruel to gif me all this problem tat kids like me cnnt solve!! i’m tired of this life…very tired~

January 18, 2008 Leave a comment

ok i’m back!! nt bored now bt juz scared…thinking of O level results…chatting wif suhaila now…perhaps i will haf to tell her everything today…dark secrets in my life tat nobody knows…except ain, afiqah, ms tan, ms thila, ms rina n now suhaila…i dunno how she’s gonna take it but i leave it to God cz…i haf my reasons…they say only ppl tat r true n sincere will understand…i hope u will suhaila cz ur my close fren…i dunno wad more to say…juz hope tat u will still b my fren after u hear everything…cz it will definitely hurt if u dnt =”((