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i cnt take this anymore!

March 29, 2008 Leave a comment

omg omg omg!! i cant take this anymore! i wanna go sleep! i cnnt open my eyes any longer! im dying man! i cnt stay up to do this research anymore. omg damn shit!! i’m off to bed soon! goodnight ppl! *yawn*


i’m still awake!

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omg i’m still up doing my PW research!! im so dead tired and sleepy! i cnt think anymore! wad e heck!! 1st draft is due on monday.. so i got no time to procrastinate.. been working on it for the past 4 hours!! dunno when i will sleep.. sigh! God help me.. gimme more brain juice! loLz..


March 26, 2008 Leave a comment

gosh! i am so stress right now… so many deadlines.. assignments are piling up! n all e deadlines are so so close! i dnt even noe which one to do 1st lah.. do all assignments den i haf no time for revision.. it is so tiring..

i am here blogging n complaining bcz i was doing my malay assignment juz now n i realize i dnt understand what the heck e compre passage is talking abt!! i cnnt ans e questions! i cracked my brain for half an hour n here i am now drowning my sorrows in words in my blog! it is so different from O level malay lah! i haven complete my essay which is due on fri.. n i haf 3 GP essays to complete over e weekends. n not to forget my Project Work PI.. i haven do research yet.. whole set of econs tutorial to complete over e weekends too! plus this fri math test which i haven studied for.. preparing to fail.. hoping for miracles to happen!! omg omg! i am in deep shit!

how how how?!! die liao lah.. i see all e work that i haf to complete.. really feel like crying rite now lah! i am so dead tired.. i really, desperately need some sleep! n some time to unwind n relax.. week 3 all kinda test will pop out! sigh.. somebody save my soul.. ok lah gtg do my work now.. will update again.. take care ppl..


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sorry ppl.. didnt update my blog for so long.. now then finally haf free time to type sth… haha… how r u guys doing?? i hope u guys r doing well.. lolz.. here’s a little update abt myself..

i’m studying in JC now.. i’m like so stressed out wif assignments n revisions! nvr felt so stress for studies like this b4.. lectures after lectures.. n tutorials after tutorials.. its nt easy! =( believe me! juniors, if u think Regent is a difficult place n e teachers r demanding so much outta You.. den ur absolutely wrong! i thot so too when i was in Regent back then.. but now, i think i’ve alrdy seen e worst! loLz.. now is week 2 leh.. week 10 is my summer test.. i dunno how i will fair lah.. but juz hope tt i will do well.. at least an E or a D for a start.. not asking much… but lecturers said. even an E is so hard to get.. booHooHoo!!

im doing quite well for my econs, geog n lit… but as u guys can foresee n predict, im nt doing well for math.. haha! this fri got math test lah oMg! e whole class will fail.. trust me.. my class is e one for all, all for one type.. so we die tgt.. haha! i need tuition badly for maths!! any recommendations ppl?? help me man! else i will drown in math! its juz nt my cup of tea!

made a whole lot of new frens.. they’re cool.. but i still miss my sec sch frens a lot alot! =( dying to see them man.. but no time lah.. haiz.. i think e onli time everybody can make it to gather n meet is teacher’s day.. which is like so long lah oMg!

this sat, meeting ms tan at her house.. she juz gave birth a month ago.. me n my pri sch mates gg her house to visit her.. she got a BABY BOY!! i saw e pics.. so cute lah! haha! i love babies!! =) it has been a while since we met.. we confirm haf a lot to say to each other.. right ms tan?? hee (:

ok.. i gtg now.. need to do my assignments.. den i wanna play my PSP! so long nvr play leh.. my ‘final fantasy’ n ‘god of war’ haven complete yet! my tennis game oso haven complete! n i miss ‘crazy taxi’… muz work hard n play hard too rite?? hahas! ok ppl.. i love You! misses.. huggs!! take care! i will update again soon.. bye! =)

:: SORRY! ::

March 18, 2008 Leave a comment
my blog is dead… =(
very busy lately…
no time to update
i will update soon =)
so ppl..
do take care!
love yahh!
misses 😀
**neMo… i miss You too ='(

:: i’m missing all of You ::

March 2, 2008 Leave a comment
sigh… when i think bk abt my sec sch life, i realize tt i miss Regent so much… actually im nt missing e sch.. but im missing all e ppl in there =X cz they r e ones who make those 4 yrs of mine so fruitful n wonderful… from sec1 all e way to sec4… my years in there wif all of them r so memorable!! my friends.. my teachers.. make a great impact in my life..

regent has taught me how to be a responsible, resilient n a well-mannered individual. it has taught me how to think thru life from various perspectives.. regent is where i grow from a young dumb,, very blurr girl right up to a wise n quite blurr girl… well,, it nearly means e same thing.. but i do improve from very blurr to quite blurr =X but e name ‘doRy’ still remains (: like wad ms thila said, “doRy or not. You will make it!” thanks ms thila (: i will study hard n make it right up to university!

all these will nt be possible without all my frens n teachers… they gave me so much love n care tt i cnt possibly ask for more.. i wanna say thanks to all…

ms tan thila.mdm chen.mrs chong.mdm rohaini.mrs tan.mdm poi.alex.

frens: sing.effendy.fadhilah.faizah.farhan.felise.jolinda.hafeez.muhammad.ifwat.he chen.helmi..huda.hui wen.ibrahim.ivan.jasmine.jing yuan.randy.joelynn.joey.jonathan.jowell.kwok ping.lionel.lydia.fatin.martin.michelle.nadiah.namirah.noel.noqman.qinyi.ruyu.sakinah.seng how.shavin.shi yao.wee leong.wei wei.yan hao.yet bing.yu wei.yew aik.yilin.yiling.yu sheng.yvonne.wen yan.zahirah.zhilin.

ehh i cnt go on n on.. alot lah =X but these are some i rmb.. i doRy leh… so for those names i nvr mention. dnt scared. ur still in my thank You list no matter wad (: ok do take care ppl.. i do miss all of You! =)

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i will update soon (: