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yeah! i am a DAVID FAN!!
ain’t he cute ppl??
oh-so-cute! 😀

i’m back :D

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okays! i’m bk from kota tinggi!

u all gt miss me?! gt miss me right??
dnt shy shy lah.
i noe u miss me!

dnt ask me how the whole camp went!

its all bcz…

i was down with…


like wad e hell man!
onli managed to go for the 1st day activity..
which is KAYAKING!
gosh! i love kayaking like mad lorr pls!
lucky i haven gt that food poisoning on e 1st day.
was in the same kayak with fee and shahira (:

ppl suspect its e camp food- dinner
ppl say the egg..
i dunno lah..

by right i cnnt eat camp food..
cz my stomach is sensitive.
cnnt take bacteria.
didnt tell mdm chitra..
cz later they say i very yaya papaya..
dnt want unwanted rumours lor..
so jus shut up and eat..

that 1st night,
the whole campus was down with diarrhoea.
den how to go toilet when the toilet there is so… (ok i shall nt mention)
everybody fell sick..
but i cnt understand y i mus be the suay one to get food poisoning lorr!!
3 ppl down with food poisoning,
including me!

if ppl with “normal” stomach gt diarrhoea cnnt tahan..
den i worst lor cz my stomach “abnormal”
was like sufferring!

den like stay in the medic centre for two days!
i kept vomiting and diarrhoea-ing man!
it was nt a nice feeling lor ok..

during my 2 day stay at e medical centre,
i heard n see alot of things lah..
i dnt understand those ppl who “fake” sick man!
they like pretend lor..
cz they dnt wanna take part in the camp activities!
i was lying there hoping to get well soon to join my class lah.
den they down there pretend sick..
den when e medics take them in,
they pretend sick n sleep for a few hrs..
den wake up all FINE!
like wth!
when the medics ask them to leave cz they look fine,
can chat all that,
they pretend sick again n come up wif stupid things!
here pain there pain!

gt so many ppl pretend sick so we all kena call by Mr Hamim..
after kena lecture by him suddenly e number of sick ppl decrease..
bcz of them, teachers and some of e ppl think ppl at e medical centre all pretend sick!

we all reali kena food poisoning lor!
diagnosed by doc lor ok!
we were brought to the clinic!
how to fake sia!

it was all bcz of such ppl,
even those seriously sick one oso kena accuse fake
merepek bodoh!

mdm chitra was very sweet and nice!
she bought biscuits for us- the sick ppl!
i didnt eat for 2 days ok!
was like starving!
cz i eat den will vomit.
it was such an awful feeling!
eat den vomit,
so i decided nt to eat.

after came bk to sg,
i rush to McDonalds..
bought my oh-so-yummy MC SPICY!!
den rush home to eat!

after this whole kota tinggi thingy,
e whole campus like learn to appreciate singapore more lor.
everybody was counting down.
cnnt wait to go home!
reached home at 7plus pm ytd..

i ate my med..
but still having the runs..
im coming to regent today in e afternoon!!
i miss regent like mad man!
meeting ain!
collect my cert n testimonial
wonder what the teachers wrote abt me!
will tell you guys later when i gt it -.-“

after meeting ain and e teachers,
will go bk to college.
i gt loads of pic to edit lor..
last friday’s college day i was on duty.. (:
school photographer bebeh!
i will always be the photographer (:
was regent’s now INNOVA!!

i haf great seniors i tell you!
like so damn wacky!
gt pics to load but i lazy!
nxt time lah ok?

okays gtg!
im having the runs again!
shitty-shit =.=”

take care ppl!

R A N T !

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im so bloody pissed.


ok im warning u guys earlier ok.
this post will all be ME Complaining n Ranting..
so pls dnt read lah ok??
1st thing 1st,
i am so pissed wif econs ytd!!
like wtf!

(ok this is the 1st time u guys actually see me using vulgarities! so sorry!)

i studied damn hard for econs lah can!
12 whole hrs spent on econs
n the end results will be total shit!!
damn **** lahh!

seriously lor!
my case study gone case lah!
omg shit!!
onli can hope for the 2 essays to pull my marks up!

oso ytd maths!
maths im pretty immune to it alrdy lah!
since sec school keep failing, so i dnt expect that much!
u noe, when u dnt expect
when u dnt hope,
u wnt get disappointed!
n this moves this whole ranting process,

to the 2nd part!!
im so pissed!!!
with literature!
literature is one of my best subj since sec1 lah ok!
i score highest for literature alot of times for lower sec!
n i got A for O level can!
im nt boasting!
but all this achievements means nth now!
cz i am so gonna fail my lit paper today!!!

like wtf lah seriously.
first, my brain works slowly.
so the PC part i cnnt generate alot of ideas at the 1st 40 mins!
den for the last 10 mins den i start generating better arguements and points!
which is like too late lah!
cz no time to write!
i haf to move on to HMT essay!

den during the 2nd part,
i gt nervous breakdown lah!
i dnt understand the freaking question!
im pissed!
den my brain like so slow cnnt think of anything.
so my essay was like im stating the obvious n i was listing!
which is SO NOT A level!!
mdm chitra alrdy warned us nt to do it!
n tt was wad i did!

my brain reali nt working lah jus now!
now oso nt working lah sey!
damn shit!
sorry ar mdm chitra!
oh dear!
she is so gonna scold me!
most probably high chance!

someone help me dig my grave!
i will lie in it myself..
nobody need to push me in!
this is call initiative.. =X
i noe it when im toast!

im so pissed
im so pissed
im so pissed

tmr geog leh!
if i still get nervous breakdown
im gonna jump down tmr lah sey!

*pray pray*

ok.. i wanna thank a number of ppl
who’s always there to hear me out..

afiqah, ain, renee, mdm kua, ms thila!

thanks so much!

gosh! i love all of you!

oh yahh.. btw MDM KUA,


gonna meet these two cool teachers during the hols!
cnt wait! 😀

okays ppl… gotta go study for geog now!
tmr is my last paper!
wish me luck!


den nxt MONDAY,
im off to KOTA TINGGI!!
school camp!!


ok take care!

*im still pissed*

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okays i’m bored! n tired of studying! blahh! was a chore! anyways.. super clever suhaila asked me to do this questionaires! u guys noe how i find this irritating! but anyways! im bored! so let’s kill some TIME ppl… (:

Tagged by SUHAILA!

Questions :
01. What disappoints you the most?
– when i lose the one i love??

02. Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?

03. What’s your favorite thing to do?
– crap ard n irritate my frens & teachers. hehs (:

04. Do you think money can buy happiness?
– NO! obviously not!

05. If you can have one dream to come true, what would it be?
– i wish $ is nt everyone’s no.1 priority! there’s more to life, SERIOUSLY!!

06. Do you believe you can survive without money?
– NO! i need to buy my donuts! (:

07. What are you afraid to lose the most?
– the ability to irrritate n make ppl laugh! (:

08. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
– oooh! i will send suhaila for a course that teaches her how to JAYWALK bravely! hahas! (:

09. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you?
– she’s bubbly, she haf a good heart & she’s weird??? (see my face den laugh! siao!)

10. What makes you happy?
– having frens like You ard! n of cz my donuts! (:

11. What type of person do you hate the most?
– a person who hurts n breaks other ppl’s heart!

12. Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?
– Institute of Mental Health! (ehh! nt as the patient lah can! the psychologist! :D)

13. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
– i dnt need any! jus frens like YOU will do! (:

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
– air, donuts, water & lots of LOVE!

15. Any childhood memories you’ll like to re-live?
– err… not really…

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
– self-conscious, low self-confidence & being way tooo emotional n sensitive! (you all noe i am!)

17. What makes you cry?
– when my frens did so many things jus to plan for my bday! (:
– waiting for O level results!
– after receiving O level results!
– songs
– movies
– STRESS! (happens all the time!)
(i can go on n on! i guess i’ll stop here for now (:)

18. Are you courageous enough to go and tell the person that you like he/she?
– NO! im a plain coward! seriously!

19. List 1 bad thing about the person who tagged you to do these questions?
– she cant STUDY wif me! (siao! dunno why!)

Instructions: Remove 1 question from above, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

20. readers! who do u love most?
– me
– amirah
– dory
– amirahdory

hahas! you haf 4 options! choose one!! wahahaha! 😀 i’m WACKY!!

1. ain
2. intan
3. randy
4. putri
5. raihana
6. sakinah
7. alaine
8. huda

suhaila ia well!!!!
so drink more water yeah!!
😀 😀
siao gurl!
loves! (:

:: my Life is a taLe ::

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Slowly, a sea of sorrows rises,
The waves freezes in my eyes.
My eyes tell a tale.
I have always loved you,
I loved nothing else.
Sadness clouds wrapped my world,
Wrapping me in a shadow of pain.
The scar that you gave me,
Pains me my whole life.
But, i shall keep it as a momento.
Carrying memories of moments past,
I walked with heavy steps.
My heart weeps and my eyes wells up,
My spirit cries out.
Those bonds, those promises
Of everlasting love.
Those laughs with others,
Those quarrels before making up.
Taking them with me,
I’m taking them with me.
Yes! i have always loved you,
I loved nothing else.


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read suhaila’s blog jus now.. heard she’s still sick.. awwww! so sad! here’s something to make u smile my dear fren!

*ahem ahem*
the story goes like this…

once upon a time,

suhaila was down with a cold… **brrrrr**
so she sneezed and coughed like mad
her nose turned red
suhaila went to see Mr. Doc and stayed in bed to rest
she’s sick so she cannot go to school

her teacher got angry cos she missed the most impt lesson! and chased her out of the class!

suhaila felt hurt and she cried

however, suhaila cannot forget that she still haf her frens to make her happy!

and bring a smile on her face!

suhaila!! get well soon!


suhaila never kena chased out of the class! this story i make up one.. oh-so-random! =X

okok not to forget today was my GP and malay paper! die man i tell you! malay was like so damn hard lah! e comprehension was a killer! i dnt understand a single thing! 😦 *faint* omg omg! den need to write a summary in 60 words?? wad to write man in 60 words?? so i anyhow shoot onli lah! didnt count… if can at least pass can liao lah.. will be so happy! JC nt easy lah! wonder if i’ve taken e wrong path in my life… *hmmm*

i will use this super long long weekend to study for econs, lit, geog and maths! maths?? omg!! *faint again* i can like easily get 0 for the whole paper! i think i will sleep thru the whole 1hr 30mins paper man! god help me! 😦 n now no suhaila to tutor me! worst! 😦

sunday meeting Dina at 11am at woodlands library to study.. she’s gonna teach me some maths.. hope it can at least help me get a couple of marks for wed paper! better den 0 rite? =X sigh… like wad Anyu said “maths has always gotten on our way!” which is like so true!

sigh sigh!

okays gotta go now! wanna study lit (:

take care ppl!



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haiz.. i was like damn sick for e past few days lorr.. mon went to sch at 8am as usual.. den nt well liao den went for early dismissal at 9.45am.. like wth go to sch for less den 2hrs.. =X

den on tues go sch again… cz i like dnt wanna miss anything mah cz exams coming! plus tt day gt econs lecture.. so no choice go lah.. den halfway PW tutorial my stomach start to pain again lah! damn shit i tell you! like wan to go home lor.. but CANNOT! cz nxt lecture is econs lecture! so i tahan all e way man! den after econs lecture quickly ask Mr Chu to sign my dismissal form den off i go! but this time got improve leh.. mon 9.45am den tues 10.10am! 25 mins means alot okays! =X

den tues night was like so down wif fever man! dunno y oso.. so wed mummy said dnt need to go to sch.. i was like hesitating lor cz wed gt literature lecture! was like damn worried man! dunno wad i miss lor.. cz mdm chitra lessons will nvr be a SLACK time one.. every word tt comes out of her mouth is damn impt man! so like today went bk to sch ask Marilyn alot of ques lor =X sorry arr… den borrowed lit notes from Ryan… =X

like sec sch miss lessons one whole week oso like nvm lor. sec sch reali very slack lah.. teachers can talk abt the same topic for weeks! but JC diff leh.. lecturers can like wrap up e whole topic or concept in jus one lecture.. u miss it u die lor! like damn stress lah! take MC to rest lor budden i stay at home worry over wad i missed in sch during lectures n tutorials =X *zonked*

n i finally gt hold of my econs test paper! like omg shit! i failed my case study! onli passed the essay part.. like dots… lucky im nt e onli one lor.. cz e whole class failed e case study :S

u all dnt laugh laugh lah ok! nt easy leh!

tmr start exams leh.. tmr will be GP and MT paper.. GP starts at 11am till 12.20pm. den MT at 2.30pm till 5.45pm i think.. i dnt rmb =X tmr will be a loooonggggg day!

well well well.. jus now jus look thru e pics in my comp lor.. like very sad leh..

i miss my sec sch mates lah! 😦 really lorr… n of cz i noe they miss me too 😉 hahas! i thick skinned hor.. hahas..

here are some of the random pics…



who’s that at e back?? RYAN KOH??!!! o.O

not to forget my NEMO!


ok lah stop here leh… dnt wan to upload all.. loLz! lazy =X

oso cz very paisehh leh! if look bk at these pics i look like dunno which idiot kid lah! of course i look more matured now okays! =X im 17yrs old leh.. of cz i dnt look liddat lor.. hahas! im a big gal! no more small pampered doRy.. but anyways when ppl see me outside they will still shout
my name is Amirah lah okays! =X
ok here’s a little confession! I MISS MDM KUA!! we all geog students planning to meet up wif her during june hols! yeah! cant wait! reali cnt wait! miss her like mad!! serious!! Sakinah will be oh-so-happy to hear this! 😀 mdm kua will always have a place in our hearts! *wink*
ok peeps! i wanna go study for my exams tmr! loLz.. i so good gal =) hee.. okays take care!
i’m off.. BYE! 😀