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didnt go to school today cos…

June 30, 2008 Leave a comment
i am sick 😥

irritated !!!

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i guess some ppl just dnt understand english lor!
really gets on my nerves!
i think these friends of mine are just out to irritate me!

i so many times alrdy say…
dnt msg me things abt any of my blog post!
anything just leave ur comments/thoughts/opinions at the tagboard !!!
for goodness sake!
today, i was unusually irritated!
during PW lecture i received msgs regarding ainMOUSE blog post abt me.
den math tutorial received a couple more…
i thot done full stop…
BUT during literature tutorial still have!


damn irritated…

well well well…
if u guys do this just to simply irritate me then….
you succeed! =X

YES! i am irritated!

if tonight gt ppl msg me abt my blog post again
i seriously dunno wad to say!
i guess ur skull really as thick or worst THICKER then mine!
tag at tagboard very diff meh? :S

oh yahh…
although im irritated, im still smiling! (:
stupid ain take the time to write those stuffs abt me 🙂

ok online, i found this


i think today is my IRRITATING DAY !!!

p.s. my aunt is getting married end of this year!
i so excited (:

p.s.p.s. i am NOT horny! =X

i bring You bundle of JOY! :D

June 27, 2008 Leave a comment

received this by email from my cousin ! and i am so proud of being a Feb baby! Love baby that is! cz i’m born on Valentine’s Day! that is so cool ! 😀


Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract.
Intelligent and clever. (hee!) Changing personality.
Attractive. Silly-est out of everyone. (what’s that for?!)
Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. (me?! quiet?! haha!) Honest
and loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves
freedom. Rebellious when restricted. (yes! im pretty rebellious!) Loves
aggressiveness. (no! im a peacemaker!) Too sensitive and easily hurt.
(now that’s really me!)
Gets angry really easily but does not show it.
Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends
but rarely shows it. Horny. (hey! that’s not true!) Daring and stubborn.
(now that’s very true!) Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp.
Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the
inside not outside. (i guess that’s pretty true =X) Superstitious and ludicrous.
(i’m not superstitious!)
Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.

haha! tats abt all… most of it is true!
while some are definitely NOT!
cz im NOT HORNY and that’s for sure!

also i jus found out that im NOT a visual learner!
i’m an ARK learner. (aural, reading/writing, kinesthetic)
all my life i thought im a visual learner…
oh well…
ok take care peeps!

it still goes around

June 26, 2008 Leave a comment

i’m damn pissed !!!
therefore, this entry is created
pardon me for all the vulgarities ur abt to read.
it’s just not me to scold vulgarities.
but, oh well…
today’s an exception!

sometimes life get the shit outta you
it makes you feel like hell
truth is we’re living in hell
if it really matters to You.

i still dnt understand all the terrorism
you may have heard the myth
in South Africa years ago

i received an email abt it again ytd
it refreshes my rusty memory…
saying fucking virgins
will cure guys with
freaking fucking diseases like AIDS
the younger the virgin,
the more potent the cure.
so in the end,
some damn fucking men
went on to rape a 9mths old baby
and a 3 year old kid
the baby was raped by 6 fucking man!

i guess ppl nowadays seriously have no brain!

wad will they think of next?
fucking animals?!

homosexuality is widely spread now
more n more societies are beginning to accept these ppl
and making gay marriages legal…
(one of my GP essay ques)

damn! wad can i say?
and they say my idol David Archuleta is a GAY?
the more i cant say anything!

is it morally right?
are science and technology created… up, around and about for all these?
if yeah then i rather live during the Ice Age!

how cheap can this world get?
i mean, how much cheaper can it go?

study wise…
how much more complicated and competitive can it be?

students struggling for O level just to get into that very few JCs
others struggle to get a place in the course that they want in poly.
JC and poly students fighting for a place in only 3 pathetic local universities?
those who cnnt make it into local uni will study in universities abroad…
how do we compete with those geeks
from top schools for that very same place in uni?!

sheer hard work
and a little bit of luck
i guess…

many graduates are jobless now
so wats the point of studying damn hard now?
will ur future be guaranteed
with that pieces of laminated papers called CERTS??!!

failing sucks
failing ALL examinations sucks even more!
big time!


but lets just do it
once and for all…

to all my frens out there! (and to myself!)
never stop trying!
we’re separated, not in the same school ..
but years from now…
most of us agreed that
we will meet again
in NUS!
hopefully (say prayers!)


“Don’t treat every challenge as a brick wall that stop you, but think of it as what you’ll see when you knock down that wall.”

this very saying from Renee
has been playing in my head non stop
every since i receive all my Summer Test results.

wanna thank her right here, right now, this very moment.
( so Renee, if ur reading… (: )

Dearest Renee,

thank You for listening to all my rants and complains these few weeks.
to noe that u are there, (i dnt really noe where =X)
to gif me guidance that i lose on the way,
to fill my ears with words of encouragement,
You’ve been a great help!
You are a great person!
Thank You!
and i love you!
in fact,
we all do (:

doRy (:


ok peeps
i’m off…
take care!

trauma no.1

June 23, 2008 Leave a comment

burrrrpppp!!! hahahas! excuse me! =X i jus finish eating leh… so full now! hahas! guess wad i had for lunch??


sad hor? i noe its nt healthy! tell me abt it! =X but i very lazy to go buy proper food at causeway point leh.. that 10mins walk to causeway point from my house means alot lor… hahas… okays im jus plain lazy to be honest… so right after school today, i jus grab this two stuffs for lunch at the mini mart across my block…

my mummy always nag at me by saying, “ur hair will drop if u eat maggi too much!”

well, knowing me, im so stubborn =X i guess i will onli stop when my hair starts to drop lor…

guess wad guess wad? while eating i saw this!


nt the crab thingy lah… its the thingy in betw! ewwww!! izit sth new?
cz all my life i’ve been eating this maggi n there’s no this thingy!
i eat n eat den i saw more! =X

izit cabbage? or lettuce? oh dear! it doesnt go with maggi lor! pls remove it leh! :S

anyhoos, today i got bk my lit test paper! damn shit cz…. i dnt wanna talk abt it =X

lit paper cover page =X

my poems at the end of… lets say 15 mins? so messy!

teacher say muz annotate alot alot so i annotate lor… =X

marker’s comments on my PC… (i dnt understand what he/she is saying lor!)

my HMT essay (1st page)

alamak mdm chitra! if i noe of cz i will write right?? my brain freeze lor during this paper… plus not enough time to think n write lor…
doRy slow wad.. wad do u expect? =X
i oso dunno where are my text quotes! under my table? loLz…
see my handwriting for the conclusion?? damn ugly man! cz i rush all the way sia!

see lah… i joke joke down here… make fun of my own paper. actually i damn sad leh 😦 n i damn stress lor… haiz… gt this lit presentation to do during tutorials! due on wk 3… n i dunno anything abt it! die 😦

den mus do PW EoM draft… i oso dunno anything abt it! 😦 im toast! im in deep shit! haiz… den muz tabulate all the surveys for GPP…

my A level MT oral 3rd july! wahhh!!! i damn lucky lor! if its on the 4th july den i cnnt make it for Renee’s show! im so lucky!! wahahaha!

okays… tmr mayb get malay and econs test papers! ppl pls pray for me! booHooHoo 😥 life in JC is tough! really no joke 😦

okie dokie… i gtg…
wanna do some lit preparation n complete my geog tutorials (:
take care peeps!

new specs! (:

June 22, 2008 Leave a comment

hahas! u noe i broke my specs during the kota tinggi school camp early this month?
yeah hahas!
no time to buy immediately leh…
but ytd i decided to end my days of utter blindness!
ehh… it sucks ok when u cnnt see for like half a month! loLs!

i took like nearly 1.5hrs to choose my specs.. =X
went to 3 diff shops lor…
hahas.. i so choosy =X
no lah… hahs…
cz my face very square leh… =X
so diff to find e right shape lor…

went to the 3rd shop…
i fell in love with one of the Lacoste specs!
but (there’s always a but! hmphh!)
it doesnt suit me lor 😦
so in the end i bought Quiksilver specs (:
very classic, i like 😀
i dunno y i dnt like those sporty kind…
classic look still rocks! 🙂
spent a solid $250 for specs!
mummy goes like -.-“
but the specs is nice! 🙂
wed den can collect lor…
so long =X
meaning, 3 days of blindness in school…
will struggle during lectures n tutorials..
lectures especially 😦

oh well…
ok peeps.
i gtg…

timetable change :(

June 20, 2008 Leave a comment

booHooHoo! i checked my school’s sharepoint (MLG) jus to find out that there’s a change in my class timetable! so sad! 😥

see the thurs schedule!!! usually thurs my class ends at 12.40pm de… now 2.40pm!!! wahh damn sad lah! this is cos they bring my mon geog tutorial to thurs… we all rather mon end late thurs end early lor… plus thurs gt lit extra tutorial after school… will end even later! tired sia! 😦

amirah stop complaining!!! *dushh dushh*
it’s for ur own good! (sounds so cliche to me!)
hahahas! okays schools’s starting soon!
well, what can i say?
*tired* *bored* *faint faint*

today i slp alot sia… mayb cz my body knows school’s starting soon.
hols is officially over guys! 😦

ok peeps! take care!