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ok… here i am..
sick again!
went back home right after econs lecture at 11.40am
early hor? -.-“

feel damn sick
cnnt tahan…
my head feels very heavy
like wanna vomit
my leg very pain 😦
and it is SO COLD !!
after released from school
i went straight to see doctor!
take temp
39.4 degree…
keep increasing lor…
i ate panadol last few days
but it doesnt work lor!

he wanna gimme injection!
i bargain like crazy say i dnt want
cz im scared of needles -.-“
den of cos doctor win de mah =X
wah pain man!
like want to cry! =X

ok i want go slp now..
will update again soon!

oh yahh…
do u like my Mr Frog on my new skin?
cute right? 🙂
but its GREEN…
i dnt like green!
if only frogs are in another color…



i was SO CLOSE…. to DEATH!

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July 25, 2008 Leave a comment

woots! :)

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did this during maths tutorial today!
cz suhaila told me to draw her instead of those smiley faces i did the other time…
looks like i really wnt pass maths =X

so how?
nice anot?! 🙂
nxt time i will draw anyu! 🙂

watch tis Hi-5 video (storytime) !
it took me ages to find it leh!
so u guys must watch! it is damn funnehh! 🙂

listen to how they say “yippee, wow and fun.”
very funny yo!

funny rite?!
Hi-5 makes me happy!

ok… i wanna go bk to school now.
frens waiting luhh!
tonight got parent-teacher-meeting.
*faint faint*

ok take care ppl!

1,2,3,4… Hi-5 :D

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BOO!! These are some of my favorite Hi-5 songs!
Happy Happy songs! 😀

Hi-5 Rocks! :D

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wat’s wrong? -.-“

my blog play hi-5 song…
wrong meh?
why everybody go hoohaah over it?

not nice meh?
nice rite?! 🙂

hi-5 rocks 🙂

see?? they are SO cute!
they make me happy!
they have happy songs! 😀
i like kathleen! (:
dunno who?
den go find out urself -.-“

cute anot?!
i like this video leh…
they dance SO cute! 🙂

and and…
i also like Teletubbies!

i like Lala!
so yellow!
i like! 😀

and i love baby pooh!

cute anot?!!
cute rite?
pooh so fat till can roll !!!

im nt crazy lor…
im growing 🙂
and i’ve grown tall, big and strong thanks to GROW!
hahas.. joking…
thanks to HL milk 🙂


Don’t Quit

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Mr Sabar (my GP teacher) gave me this small little card… size of a name card.. like duhh! hahas… mayb partly bcz today we get our results slip =X no comments abt that ah! stress yo! hahahas! at the back of the card, it goes like this….

it is seriously words like this that makes me sane till now! =X
words that are simple but it means a lot !
it pushes you forward…
im touched yo!
i really am.. :’)
thank you Mr Sabar 🙂

People all around you everywhere that you go…
People all around you, They don’t really know you.
I try to make it happen, try to make it alright.
I know I make mistakes, I’m living life day to day.
It’s never really easy, but it’s ok 🙂