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Hahaha! Suddenly i feel like i wanna be an angel 🙂

But sometimes, being a cute devil is cool too 😀

You know at times when you get so sick of being the good one, then you just wanna do something bad. And i did it yesterday! Hahaha! Not only yesterday actually. Quite a few times. I did not return my plate after eating haha! That’s considered bad ok. If kena caught in school will get punishment one lor. Haha! You don’t expect me to kill someone do you? That’s a real devil! I’m a junior devil 😀

Oooh yeah! Ms Wong allow me to stick to Wednesday’s photography course session! So, in short, i don’t have to go for today’s session because today is Friday! LOL.

Suddenly now i feel like eating sushi! Errs… When was the last time i ate sushi? Early this year? Omigosh! That’s like donkey months ago! I wanna eat sushi! Oh man that’s so random -.-“

And… I have this sudden realisation that i’m getting rounder and fatter! Yes lor. Don’t laugh ok! My cheeks like so chubby i cant stand it. Hmmm… I think i’ll hit the gym during school hols. But it is so ME to not do what i plan. Hahaha! When things go wrong then will panic and do. I learn the hard way and i never learn my lesson. Why ah? Somebody kick my ass! -.-“

Anybody know how to do PW I&R? Oh my god! How to do sia! Dateline next wednesday and i haven even send Mr Tan my 1st draft! Do you think i’m toast? I think i really am! Oh gosh! I’m serious. I think i will flung PW. And it’s 20% of Uni admission leh!

Crazy anot you say leh!

Ok… Few weeks ago i just lost my ipod. Then just now when i wanna play my PSP, cannot switch on! Wahlao! Damn unlucky okay! Now i’m using my Creative mp3 but i still want my ipod back! Looks like i have to go repair my PSP liao leh. Still under one year warranty. LOL.


Cool right? 😀
okay peeps!


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oooh yeah! :p


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Malay paper is over!

Hahaha! Like what my lecturer said, today is the last time we’re ever gonna write in malay or do a Malay paper if we don’t wish to pursue Malay studies or retake the paper next year!

Hahaha! What a thing to say! but really lor… 3 hours paper very challenging! sit there till your butt really square i tell you! ASS PAIN! If my butt can speak, i think it will scream alrdy! LOL.

Ok so i’m left with my Oral Presentation Exam next Tuesday! OP leh!

*faint faint*

I cannot do presentation! The world knows that! Omigosh! During dry runs i keep telling myself this…

“Shut up Amirah! It’s just 5 minutes of your life! It won’t kill you! Just get it done and over with! Pretend and imagine your audience is all Suhaila!”

Yeah! i really told myself that. And yes i imagine everybody as Suhaila cos she told me to do that so i won’t get scared. Then i realized that it gets scarier and spooky! One Suhaila is enough! can you imagine 23 Suhailas? Disastrous! LOL. haha! joking!


Oh ya btw, you wanna see my baby cousin sing? LOL. He’s not a baby lah. Just that he’s my youngest cousin. He’s four years old! Hahaha! And yes he’s my favourite cousin! Hahaha! He never fails to make me smile. He will either dance or sing.

Listen to him sing! He’s mumbling throughout cos he dunno the lyrics lah of cos! He only knows the chorus! LOL. (pandy! I think you know this song!)

And dance!

These two dance videos was 2 yrs back if i’m not wrong. It’s not that clear cos my eldest cousin use hp to take leh. Few years back hp where got until 5 to 8 megapixel one! =X LOL. I just love kids like him!


Alamak! I just remember that tmr i need to go to school leh! Got photography course to attend. And i’m under PROBATION for the first time in my life! Like as if i’m a criminal liddat. dots…

Ms Wong ah, don’t so serious can or not? Photography course all say and do same things one lor and i go for dunno how many of such courses already. Told you i don’t wanna go! Then u go make it compulsory! sheesh!

Yesterday during lunch spend time with Mdm Chitra and our dearest Mdm Chitra bake a cake and cookies for my class! It’s like “Awwww! So sweet of her!” It’s very nice i swear! LOL. She’s an excellent lecturer and a great cook too! 🙂

Then after that me and Vithya help her collate Literature survey. We laughed like mad in the library cos most of the comments and suggestions given were oh so extremely hilarious! I love doing such brain-less jobs like collating survey cos it’s so fun! A good way to de-stress! LOL. I’m serious! We really laughed till stomach pain lor. Hahaha!

Actually right, i got nothing much to update about besides these cos these few weeks was nothing but Project Work and Malay Intensive Programme. So it’s pretty boring! And i don’t wanna bore you guys to death with school stuffs! hahaha!

Ok i will update again soon!
Take care peeps!

p/s. I wanna go to Butter Factory!!!


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cooL :D

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These videos are so FUNNYYY!

This is like so NC16! so many vulgarities! LOL.
i don’t understand a single thing but the vulgarities!
hahaha! 😀

MTV VMA 2003

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I still think that this is still the BEST MTV VMA performance ever!

Madonna, Britney, Christina & Missy
Like A Virgin/Hollywood

COOL right?
Go Britney! 🙂

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