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exhausted.sore throat.flu.rascals.i’m away.

It’s Britney Bitch!

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I wanted to post this the other day. But no time -.-“

Few weeks ago,
Madonna was performing “Human Nature”
on her Sticky & Sweet Tour in LA
when Britney made her special appearance!

Madonna looks awful -.-“

I so totally don’t understand why people
go hoo-haa when Britney shows up decently.
When she’s not decent, people talk.
She dress decently for this, they still talk!
Shoot yourself!

“She’s not your bitch… It’s Britney Bitch!”
Classic baby yeah! 😀

Oh Shuckkz!

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Britney will be hosting a very special screening
on Thursday, November 20, at 11.45 a.m. in Hollywood.

I wanna go! But it’s at Hollywood, CA! It’s unfair! 😦


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Short Updates!

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Here are some updates…

Tuesday was out with Ain my dear Mouse. Check out her blog for details. 🙂

Just one word: FUNNY!

Coffin sucks! I spent $6 just to scare myself and i don’t understand a single thing!


David Archuleta’s debut album in RED!


Anyu! You’re fast! 😀


I’m sick! Cool… Never felt better!


Laugh Together With Me!

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Econs lecture just now was really very exhausting! 3 hours straight with barely a 15 mins toilet break can really drive you mad! As per normal, i was paying attention but obviously not for long. Haha! After 2 hours my brain flew elsewhere like a bird. LOL.

For the remaining one hour, I was there, physically there but mentally I’m sure gone! Whatever Mr Chu was lecturing really didn’t make any sense! What is MSB, MPB, EMB, Externality etc etc… (??) All the graphs drive me crazy! Then Mr Chu said something like this,

“Are you guys confused? It’s okay, It’s normal. It will get better as we go on. Now let me add numbers to illustrate.”

Wahlao! Crazy or what?! No numbers I already so blur! What makes him think using numbers will make it even clearer? LOL. Okay fine! I suck! I must go read the lecture notes again liao then will understand. Slow and steady wins the race! Take one step at a time 🙂

Anyways last night, while i was supposed to prepare and read my lecture notes for today’s lecture, i was reading this…


Yeaaahhh! My favorite after Archie! I was laughing like a mental patient on my own last night in my room. LOL. I took some snap shots. Let me share some comic strips with you!

Check this out!


I think i should say this to my Maths teacher!






So where do you come from? 🙂






If only Maths was this easy! 😀







See? How can i not laugh! It’s funny! For those of you who didn’t laugh, i think you lost your sense of humor! Approach a counselor or a psychiatrist! Hahaha!

Anyway, this is BAD! I am suppose to spend my holidays studying and preparing for next year! But yesterday i went all the way to Bedok library to get this comic book okay!

Crazy anot? LOL.

Okay I’m hungry! I wanna go eat my lunch 🙂
Take care peeps!

I’ve made it! :D

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I just got back from school. Actually not really lah, haha! After school went to Causeway Point to have lunch with Vithya and Sara! LOL. Now I’m like super full please! 🙂


Anyways, went back to school today to get promo results! I was nervous of course!



Yahoo! LOL 🙂

And surprisingly, i passed Geog! I was so shocked to see my grades! We need 6 points to get promoted which is 2 H2s and 2 H1s for year 2.. 2 points for H2 subjects and 1 point for H1 subjects! And i got 8/9 points! WooHoo! Total madness! Of cos I’m short of 1 point cos i didn’t pass maths! LOL. That one was expected lah! LOL.


This is part of my A4 result slip! I will not show you everything 😉

When i look at it again, my attendance is like so bad! LOL. Hahaha! 132/143? 11 days absent? Hahaha! How awesome! 🙂

6 people from my class didn’t make it. They kena retained. I shall not name them here. I got nothing much to say cos Mdm Chitra says it all just now. Don’t give up peeps! We are still here for you no matter what 🙂 Tomorrow will always be a better day 😀

Heard rumors saying that 41C will join with my class, 41B. Aww man! That’s pretty bad! Oh well… Let’s just wait for next year and see how it goes 🙂 Next Monday and Thurs got Econs lectures! Yay-ness! Econs rocks! 🙂

It’s Mr Chu’s farewell lectures for all of us cos he’s leaving for PJC! How sad! PJC people, please appreciate Mr Chu cos he is a damn good lecturer. Heard that he will be PJC’s Humanities HOD. IJC sure will miss him man! Let me warn you that he is very sarcastic! But he is a nice person. He’s short and cute! 🙂

Anyways, it’s vacation now for me! Yay! 😀 But still gotta study cos there’s supplementary exams in Jan next year! How great! LOL. Holiday must study already lor… Shuckkz!

Just one more year DoRy! Jiayou! Get good and awesome grades and go Uni! You’re one step closer! Be positive lah for goodness sake! :S Jiayou Jiayou! 😀 Selamat Maju Jaya! :p

Okay take care dear friends!
Enjoy the weekends!