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Don’t Bother!

December 29, 2008 Leave a comment
School is starting soon!
JC2 won’t be easy!
So much for trying to be a little bit more
optimistic for the new year.
New year resolutions?
Don’t bother!
I don’t follow it closely anyway.
Tons of assignments undone!
Amirah! Move your ass and start working!
Stop procrastinating!
It’s gonna kill you someday!
How to go uni this way?
So lazy!
Work on it!
Go go go!

Back to square one.
Scroll up!
Read what you wrote a while ago Amirah!

You don’t have much time!

I hope this works! =X


Happy New Year people! (:


Oh No!

December 22, 2008 Leave a comment
I finally got the time to look through my Econs assignment. It is seriously a nightmare! I don’t even know what the hell it’s asking for, really. I really need to re-read my lecture notes and figure this thing out. Jiayou dory!

I got work later at 3pm. Before that, I need to shop and hunt for something! Don’t ask me what cos I also dunno leh! It’s for the Christmas gift exchange among the teachers. They told me the budget is strictly $12 and below. Yesterday, I went to Tampines Mall with family. The things that I thought of buying is obviously above $12! Shuckkz!

I totally suck at shopping man! Worst still shopping for a birthday gift. When you people receive any gifts from me, please do appreciate it cos it sure took me forever to think and decide on what to buy for you lor!

Also, I wanna get something for Ms Emiko. Yup! The Japanese teacher at the childcare. I SOOOOOO LOOOOOVE her lessons! She’s just a few years older than me! She is very cute and bubbly. I love all the Japanese songs that she sings to the kids with all the actions! I will sure miss it cos tomorrow is my last day! I will sure miss all the teachers there including the kids! Christmas party tomorrow! Looking forward to it 😀 Yahoo!

And hey! This is so random but actually the thought of me turning 18 in two months time really scares me! I don’t wanna grow! You know I still do all the stupidest thing that you ever saw me doing! I’m still as blur and forgetful as ever! I’m still indecisive. I really can’t make decisions! T-shirts and jeans still make 99.99999% of my wardrobe. I still watch cartoons! I still love Hi-5 and pooh and eeyore! I still stick around with my mom! I argue over the smallest issue and choose to ignore the big major ones. I still believe that ignorance is bliss 🙂 LOL.

When will I grow? – Behave, walk, dress, talk and think like an adult?

And I still go googoo-gaagaa over celebs!

Who won’t? 😉

I’ll take forever to grow up!

Oh well, good things come to those who wait 🙂

Anyways, the other day I posted a video on Britney and Ellen caroling together? The last part when both of them were rapping was extremely funny and I laughed my ass off! Here’s the extended version of the Jingle Bells Rap! Hahaha! Funnyyyyy!

Okay peeps!
Next post will be on the Christmas Party!

So, wait for me! 🙂
Take care!

My Idol :)

December 19, 2008 Leave a comment
He is simply so adorable and gorgeous!

I love his eyes!
David Archuleta!

Britney on Ellen!

December 16, 2008 Leave a comment
I’m back back back! 😀

First thing first, did you watch Britney on Ellen recently?

It is freaking hilarious! The two go around randomly knocking on doors and caroling around the neighborhood, surprising residents with their holiday cheer. But surprisingly, most of them don’t look that surprised or excited. HELLO! Britney and Ellen don’t come knocking on your door every day you know! I think most of the people in that neighborhood lives under a rock! Most of them stone all the way. Sheesh!

Anyways, throughout the whole caroling thingy, Ellen “teaches” Britney how to sing! It should be the other way round right? LOL. And I so love the last part! You must watch it! It’s really funnnyyyy!

Check this out!


Anyways, I’ve been very busy lately… with all my little cuddly cute kids! They really make me smile. 🙂 And I don’t think I will smile for long cos I have not done my assignments yet! They are sitting on the table, staring at me every single day!


Who on earth don’t procrastinate?

I was down with fever, flu, cough… basically the whole not-so-good-weather sickness package plus an inflamed throat! It hurts ya know! *sob sob* Didn’t go to work yesterday. I miss the kids! I’m going back today! My fever has gone down and I hope my nose will stop running. It really irritates me!

And Suhaila my dearest tempeh, I’m so sorry I cannot attend your concert. Really very sorry! I promise I will attend your next one. Really really! Good luck my dear! Don’t blow your nose off! 😀

Enjoying my hols so very much! But I really miss some of you out there! And these are the people from Regent that I miss like cotton candy, sugarplum, cuppycakes and gumdrops! tan.mdm kua.randy.hayaya.intan.huda.zira.sakinah.alaine.

Does your name make a part of the list? :p

In advance, Merry Christmas people!

This is just a short update. I will update again pretty soon. I dunno when but I surely will… someday.

So please…

Wait For Me! 😀

I’m Back! :D

December 1, 2008 Leave a comment

BOO! I’m back!

I’m so sorry for not updating a proper post the other day. Busy lah! I’m sure some of you people out there know that I’m currently enjoying my holidays at a childcare centre! Thanks to Ms Thila! 🙂

Haha! It’s a really cool experience! Imagine getting paid to enjoy yourself with all the cute kids? Life can’t get any better right? Haha! Although it is really draining and tiring, I am really happy with them! Seriously! 🙂

The bad thing is, the kids will just sneeze and cough right smack at your face! Given my weak and poor immune system, of cause I will fall sick one lor okay! I have this flu since the past one week plus and it’s not getting better. If I still have flu tomorrow, I think I won’t go to work liao. Scared the kids will get it too. I’m so thoughtful okay! Haha!

The kids can be really irritating and stubborn at times. And it makes me really angry lor! Some of them just won’t listen to you. They are not scared of people. Even a 2 year old kid dare to question me! Gosh! Kids are really way TOO SMART nowadays! Then some of them when punished, will cry like as if there’s really no tomorrow! But the good thing is, these kids do not bear grudges. I scolded almost all of them but they still talk and play with me the very next minute! LOL. They are adorable!

Last Tuesday, when the kids woke up from their nap time, this boy saw me and he said, “I love you Ms Amirah.” Then the other kids said, “I love you too!” It’s like a domino effect you see! But it is really heart warming i swear! 😀

Last Friday, before nap time, there’s another boy from another class who saw me then said, “Can I give you a hug Ms Amirah?” Of cause i will say Yes mah! 😀 How can I turn him down? Haha! Then he came to hug me and the domino effect happens once again! The kids around me came to hug me too! It is really very sweet! For once I felt like I was Barney! LOL.

And of cause I have my favorites! 😀

Nicolas and Gai are my two new boyfriends! They are the two boys who make me look forward to coming to the childcare centre every day! They are freaking adorable and gorgeous!

This is Nicolas! He is so adorable right! 😀
The next one is Gai. He is a Japanese! He is utterly gorgeous I tell you! 😀
He’s gorgeous right?! WooHoo! I’m in love with these two kids! Haha!

Also, today is 2nd Dec!
Happy 27th Birthday Britney! 😀

Circus is out today! I’m gonna get it I swear! I can’t wait! Anyways, did you watch her X Factor performance? It’s pretty cool. But I find that her performance at the Star Academy is better!

Check this out! 😀

Nice right? Haha!

I can’t wait to buy her album! I listen to it online but I still want her album! 😀
Let’s catch her from her good side 🙂

Okay this marks the end of today’s post.
I will update again soon? -.-“
Take care peeps!