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Say "I Can Do!"

February 27, 2009 Leave a comment
School has been stressing me out lately. Seems like I dunno some concepts. Not completely, just need a little clarification here and there. Cos I’m the ‘why oh why?‘ kinda student. I won’t be satisfied till I know the answers to all the ‘whys’. Which means I need TIME for consultations and I simply don’t have it!

I’ll be totally drained after school. All I want when the school bell goes is to get outta that school gate, get home, do tutorials and dump my wretched body on the bed. School is really draining I just can’t tahan anymore! You are always complaining Amirah. Stop it!

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Don’t stop yourself from being ‘you’

If you can’t do it this way,

Then try another way

And keep on saying ‘I can do

Dare yourself to jump up high

take your feet off the ground,

and reach for the sky!

Let yourself dream it, let yourself try it

There’s no way of stopping you

Just keep on saying ‘I can do it

And watch your dreams come true!

Jiayou everyone!

Words keep coming out of my pocket


So paiseh!

February 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Today after school went to Causeway Point with the intention of buying Kelly Clarkson’s latest album.

But I think it’s sold out. No, wait! Is it even out? -.-”

How smart can I get?

Then, I thought of buying an album but I don’t have any particular one in mind. So I just browsed through the CDs lor and something caught my eye!

An album titled…


Haha! I really wanted to buy it man. 6 CDs inside with all the popular love songs. But there was so many people and some Innova students there too. I don’t wanna give them an impression that I’m such an EMO fuck. So embarrassing!

I’ve always been self-conscious.

But I’m really emo one leh. I think love songs are nice!

Okay now go ahead. You can shoot me!

Also, lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz. Thanks to my Mom for the influence.

School is okay. Just a little drained.

Tomorrow is another day…

I sit and wait

Does an angel contemplate my fate?

Just Being Random

February 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I so love it when David sings this song,

Stand By Me

Like so OMG!



If you are going to walk on thin ice,

you might as well dance.

Love’s dead

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment

I feel that love is dead

I’m loving Angels instead.

Try Me!

February 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Love me, hate me
Say what You want about me!

There’s more to me
Than what You see.

You don’t like me,
I don’t like You
It don’t matter.

Only difference, You still listen
I don’t have to.

In one ear and out the other
I don’t need You

Your words don’t stick
But You ain’t either!

By displaying Your unwanted affections here,
Is Life gonna get the best of You?

Oh Mannnnn!

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment

What the heck!
Today just receive Block Test timetable
How exciting!
Damn sickening!
So many stuffs to study and memorize
So little time!
Brain will explode

And yesterday’s civics “career guidance” thingy
Left me thinking and wondering…
I still can’t decide what I wanna do in the future

I wanna be this, I wanna be that,
I wanna be this, I wanna be that,
I wanna be this, I wanna be that…..

Irritating anot?!

Like as if I Superman liddat (@_@)”


I fucking hate people
who pretend they know stuffs
but actually they don’t!


The pretend-they-know-it-all

I so admire people who know
how to bullshit their way through things
and get away with it!

The bullshitologist

But I sometimes really can’t stand such people
cos obviously they are a bunch of liars!

Life’s a Bitch!

Shoot yourself!

Happy Birthday to ME! :D

February 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Happy Birthday to ME! 😀


Now then got time to update lor -.-“
Cos nowadays really very busy leh.

Anyway, being 18 for the first day was pretty cool. I feel so big and strong! LOL. The only thing I love about birthdays are the presents and cakes! I love eating birthday cakes 🙂 It’s like so delicious can! And presents… Nothing makes me feel happier than receiving Poohs and Eeyores as a birthday gift! It makes me super happy and on top of the world lor! I have so many of them now! :p

Okay I know I’m already 18 lah. I know you will ask me to grow up and stop being childish. But they are so CUTE! That’s why now I feel that being 18 is not such a good thing after all. I miss being 17! It’s like the ideal age. You are not that old and not that young to be childish. And you are still illegal? (cos people say 18 is legal so below 18 should be illegal right? -.-“) So you are well protected from all the evil things out there! Right? =X

Anyway, I wanna thank those people who stayed up all the way till 12am to wish me happy birthday. And of cos those after that too 🙂 I love you people! I won’t name you people here lah. It will take forever! But the only person that was really spot on is my Dear Mouse! Right at 12 am, I receive her text message. Thank you Ain! Haha! You succeed this year! 😀

Also, that blur sotong, Siti Suhaila, is damn cute can! She wanted to wish me at 12am but I think she was too tired to stay up. So she called me at 10.51pm. I still remember the time okay! She didn’t even say “HELLO” on the phone lor! Just say “Happy Birthday” straight to my ear. And YES she was the first one to wish me! LOL. I’m like so touched 🙂


And yes I’m such an emotional and sensitive gal cos after all…

I’m a VALENTINE baby! 🙂