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January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m missing the “First Day of School” spirit.

I wanna be a part of it. 😦


I Decide

October 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Don’t think that you can tell me what to think
I’m the one who knows what’s good for me
And I’m stating my independence
Gonna take the road I’m gonna take
And I’m gonna make my own mistakes
It’s my life!

Don’t think you’re ever gonna hold me down
Couldn’t do it then, can’t do it now
I’m kicking down all defenses
Gonna do it all and do too much
And if I mess the whole thing up, it’s my right!

I decide.



October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Test tomorrow. Feels like I’m sitting for geog test every other day. I’ve yet to study. What am I thinking? I hate school.

I love my farm 🙂

Thanks Facebook!

Womanizer woman womanizer you’re a womanizer oh womanizer oh you’re a womanizer baby. FTW! 😀 😀

Wake Up

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Prelim II done and over with. There’s nothing much I can say, really really. Results are so fucked up and I can’t comment much cos I didn’t study for it. To sugarcoat my utter laziness, I shall say that I did study for Lit. Ahh fuck who cares!

Some teachers are fucking bitches! I shall not elaborate. I guess in times like this, you can clearly see those who really care for you and those who are more interested in their reputation in school. Those who are willing to help you, still, even though your results are omfg *%@#**!%*! Kudos to Mdm Chitra and Mr Cho. Ms Ho too, maybe?

I should start studying! I know I’ve said this like wtf so many times and my ass still stays where it is. 6 weeks to As and these 6 weeks will determine where I stand in life, no?

Wake up Amirah you need to study. Study hard and for god’s sake study smart, nothing to discuss! I’m not impressed. Damn, I sound just like Mdm Chitra.



September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

I guess Lit was fine. Mdm Chitra didn’t flare up like how I thought she would. Thank God. I got a pretty decent mark for Earnest essay. Pheww! Need to work on the analysis though, seriously. 2 pages is just not enough. Considering the fact that I enlarged my handwriting on purpose just to fill the 2 damn pages, my “2 pages” is just not enough, I guess.

I think I’m so fucked up emotionally and intellectually. I’m doing things aimlessly now. What do I want? I don’t know myself. I don’t see the need to live now cos as I get a day older, I don’t remember doing anything significant or productive. Not at all.

I feel fucking empty inside. Somebody, anybody, please fill this void. 😦

I remember the face but I can’t recall the name.

Stay Alive!

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Leaving in a while. Gonna have breakfast with Nabs and Vee oh my fucking god I so love LJS breakfast! I’m growing fat but who cares. ^^

Lit with Mdm Chitra at nine later. God save us, God please bless me! She’s gonna scold and scream for sure. Her sarcasm’s gonna sting. I hate her reality checks. This woman is sooo dangerous! As much as I like her as a person, she eats and chews on my brain. I just can’t figure her out.

Oh well. We’ll see how it goes. *cross fingers*

Suck… No?

September 25, 2009 Leave a comment

No school till next Tues.

Damn I should be studying now! 40++ more days to As. I should start mugging, but clearly it’s not happening.

And oh, Renee is helping me with the psychology and social work thingy. People ask me why do I want to do this. Even mummy is quite unhappy, I can see that. But she has to support me anyhow cos I am her daughter. She has to say “Go for it” if not I won’t get anywhere.

Why psychology and social work? Why am I interested in a profession that does not get me those fat green thing called CASH! Money… Just when will people see there’s more to life than this?

Does it hurt to help others? No.

Will it kill if you spend some time with the disabled and less fortunate? No.

We live in luxury, it’s our turn to start giving and stop taking. Yes?

I wanna do this, or nothing at all.

P.S. My life would suck without you.